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I'm a Software Developer.

I love to solve problems, create, and learn with current useful technologies. I have experience creating web applications using React, JavaScript/TypeScript, NodeJS, Express, HTML, CSS, Tailwind, Bootstrap, Responsive Design, Firebase, MongoDB, and more. My Bachelor's degree is in Computer Science.

Please scroll down to my work section to see some of my recent projects. I'm always looking for new challenges and opportunities to improve.

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Latest Work

Some of my recent projects

Kanban Guru

Create multiple kanban boards with customizable status columns, individual tasks to move between columns. Each task may have subtasks which can be updated to show progress. Fullstack with React, Redux Toolkit, TypeScript, Tailwind, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB
GitHub: Kanban Guru

Grocery Guru

Not just a full fledged grocery list, but an app to solve the question of what's for dinner. Instantly build recipes using chosen foods, save the recipe and add ingredients to your list. Fullstack with React, Redux Toolkit, NodeJs, Express, MongoDB, Framer Motion
GitHub: Grocery Getter

Issue Tracker

Add a new issue, assign to team member, update, and comment. Developed with React with hooks, Javascript, react-table, react routing, CSS, bootstrap, and connection with Firebase database for user authentication and data storage.
GitHub: Issue Tracker


This is a responsive, interactive landing page for "YouBrew" homebrew supplies store. JavaScript, HTML, CSS, GSAP animations
GitHub: YouBrew

Football Pickem

Pickem app for weekly and season long competition. Users can winners for the weekly games. Ongoing results are displayed in tables.
React JS, context, react-router, react-bootstrap, firebase authentication and storage.
GitHub: Football Pickem


This is a quiz app in which a user can choose a category and difficulty, then take a short quiz and get results.
React, consumes data from opentdb.com
CodeSandbox: Quizzical

Planet Facts

This project is based on a Frontend Mentor challenge. Each planet's page can be viewed, and the user can select and view different facts and images of each.
React, Styled Components, React Router, Framer Motion
GitHub: Planet Facts


AirQ is an air quality app developed with React with hooks, Javascript, styled-components, CSS, react-leaflet maps, fetching data at the user's request from AirVisual API. A user can look up locations with air quality stations, view data, and save favorites in local storage.
GitHub: AirQ

Job Listings

Responsive, interactive, filterable list of jobs. Using React.js, HTML, and CSS to recreate a frontend mentor challenge from scratch
GitHub: Job Listings


Functional BlackJack game with betting. Using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Deck of Cards API
GitHub: BlackJack

Playground Point

This project demonstrates a site where users can create, edit, and delete pages for for playgrounds, upload pictures, add reviews. Javascript, NodeJS, Express, MongoDB
GitHub: Playground Point

JS Tetris Game

This is a tetris game using vanilla Javascript, HTML, and CSS.
GitHub: Javascript Tetris

Playoff Bracket

This is an app for choosing winners in the NFL playoffs and viewing potential matchups calculated based on seeding of the chosen winners. User friendly solution for bracket competitions!
React, mobile first design CodeSandbox: Playoffs Bracket

Pokemon Finder

This is an app to discover or search for info about the many pokemon.
React, consumes data from pokeapi.co

Sunset Hills

Given an array of numbers, which elements in the array are greater than all that come before it?
Fun visual "game" demonstration. Uses React, react-router-dom
GitHub: Sunset Hills

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